Our own Harbor

Harbor Rose

A week before Christmas a sweet friend of mine gifted her kids the most adorable puppy. Knowing our family was on the lookout for an additional member to add, she notified me that there were more from the litter just as perfect and in need of a loving home. Maybe it’s just me but buying my husband gifts is probably the hardest thing ever. Men always have such simple taste and if he wants something he will just run out and get it. So what do you buy someone for Christmas who has everything and wants for nothing? I quickly made the decision that a new furry addition to our family was it.

Originally we were hoping to bring home two sweet pups, a brother along with Harbor that we named Otter. However once we did, fairly quickly we noticed litter syndrome setting in. Heart broken but full supported by vet & Breeder we reintroduced him back to his original litter.

This would have been a much harder experience if it weren’t for sweet little Harbor. She is up for anything, very good natured to the crazy that is three boys under 10 and unbelievably soft to cuddle. We have a “no furniture” rule that Eric & I can’t seem to stop breaking because once the boys are down for the night that means it’s our turn for sweet snuggles with this sleepy little love.

So tolerant of me taking endless photos lol

We have had her for just over a week now and can’t wait to watch her grow! Here are a few more clicks of our little darling.